Among blondes, browns, redheads and even colored, there is a group of women who does not hide: she loves and does not give up her dark hair. In the four corners of the world, the colored threads of black collect admirers who are nothing secret and adept at the motto "the darker, the better." This is one of the most commented beauty subjects of the last days in social media networks.

Although summer looks made with naturally lighter yarns, basic black ladies are eyeing the tips to keep the yarn gorgeous and full of sparkle all year round. To unravel the mysteries of this color so full of style, we invite the hairstylists Suzana Vieira and Alysson Barroso, coloring specialists, to tell you six things that you are already brunette (or thinking about being) need to know.

5 tips to give you the BEST of your dark hair

  1. Using black hair has its advantages

Especially for women with naturally darker strands, the advantage of wearing black hair is that it does not require permanent coloring. In addition, the brunettes most often do not discolor the hair (unlike blondes dyed, for example), which helps to keep hair healthier and less damaged.

  1. Some special care needs to be taken

Like all other shades of dyed yarn, those who have black hair need to use products that have the power to maintain color. Nativa SPA has a line of treatment that is perfect to prolong the effect of the coloration: Vinotherapy.

  1. Yes, black hair can fade

In addition to using products that help keep the coloring more vivid, the tip is to bet on a line with UV protection (especially in the summer!), And prevent the hair from being wet or exposed to the sun. And do not forget the thermal protector!

5 tips to give you the BEST of your dark hair

  1. Your wires need to be bright

One of the biggest risks that black wires suffer from is that they become opaque and lifeless. Keep the cut on time and strengthen the hydration of the threads, especially the dyed ones. Hydrate at least every 10 days with a beautiful layer of treatment mask.

  1. Retouching is necessary

Especially if you have white or blond yarn, you need to touch the color every 15 days, as black often fades.

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