7 Ways to take care of your curly hair

Every day increases the number of people who decide to leave aside the artifices used to smooth the locks and resolve to take the curly hair. In addition to beautiful and natural, this type of hair also shows the very characteristic of people adept style and needs special care.
Not just a good cleaning with shampoo. Other actions are also necessary to make these hair with a natural and beautiful look to see.

7 ways to take care of your curly hair

Tips to make curly hair more beautiful

1. The secret to a beautiful curly hair is good hydration. Experts advise to use shampoo without deep cleansing assets to prevent drying and conditioner throughout hair length. The ideal is to use products from the same line, as a product complements the other. The use of masks is also indicated once a week to hydrate the wires.
2. Always have at his side a good leave-in (cream to use on the hair after shampoo and conditioner). It controls the curly hair frizz and creates a protective film around the wire. For best results, apply it on damp hair and shape curls with his fingertips.

3. Do not comb your hair dry. This undoes the natural shape of curls and leaves with an undesirable volume. Ideally comb them during or after the bath with your fingers or combs with wide teeth, which prevents the chill and the wire breaks.

4. To dry, use diffusers. It reduces the amount of air sent by the dryer, and thus helps reduce frizz.

5. Do not wash your hair with hot water. In fact, this tip is for all hair types. Hot water takes his own oiliness wire and leaves your hair drier. So, try to wash in warm or cold water.

6. Be aware of available products for curly hair. Those specific to wire reconstruction should only be used with guidance and assistance of a good professional. Bleach and ammonia usually found in dyes, should also be avoided as they dry out and leave a opaque hair.

7. Look for a court able to maintain the natural beauty. It can vary with each hair, the ideal are subcultured that make the strands fit. The layered cut causes the volume to decrease greatly. Medium cuts short length are also indicated. The most important is cut frequently to keep the resected ends.

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