All you need to know to keep your blonde hair beautiful, healthy and with the ideal tone without leaving home!

Order champion in Brazilian salons, blonde hair never goes out of style or disappoint. But despite being the national preference, keeping blond hair can be intimidating for some women, after all the doubts about the maintenance and care can be endless.

However, even if you need a very special attention, it is much more than possible to get that gorgeous blond with red carpet effect that both stands out and still keep the yarns healthy and moisturized.

Besides finding the tone that most matches your beauty and personality, maintaining certain care before, during and after the application of color is essential to keep your hair blond always up to date. And for this, using the right technique can make all the difference in the end result. Learn some valuable tips, get your main questions on the subject and relax: staying blonde is easier than you think.


Products and procedures for taking care of blond hair

Perhaps the main questions that arise before beginning the steps to dye the hair are on the health of the yarn, after all, the chemistry of the coloring process can easily detonate the hair, totally interfering in the visual.

To be very lovable and with her hair done, nobody wants her, does she? But if you use the right products for your need, you will have no reason to worry. Some are key to keeping the color bright and radiant and should be used daily. Others are more suitable for sporadic use, helping to hydrate the threads to keep them healthy and with the ideal texture.

According to Drika Becher, in order to maintain blond hair it is necessary first of all to detect the quality of the threads, for example by analyzing whether they are porous, dry, oily, greasy or even if they require water. Regarding the general care that should be taken, it indicates the use of 5 essential products indispensable for a perfect result. Are they:


Daily Care

  1. Shampoo: The shampoo you use every day may not be the most suitable for your hair needs, so Drika advises to make the correct diagnosis. This way it is possible to know what treatments you should look for in your shampoo, in addition, it is clear to prioritize one that does not wear out the color and does not interfere much in the hydration of your hair. Remember that if you use chemistry, you need to preserve the structure of the wires as much as possible. The specific shampoo for your hair needs to be used whenever you wash it. Empower daily care by using a good moisturizing conditioner as well.
  1. Thermal protector: The thermal protector exists to complement the defensive team of your hair against the harmful effects caused by heat from the flat iron, dryer, babyliss or similar, helping to protect and maintain the fiber and capillary structure, automatically conserving the color And the texture of the wires. Very high temperatures damage the cuticle of the threads, causing them to lose their grip and open. The heat also spoils the hydration of the hair as it makes all the water retained in the wires simply evaporate. The thermal protector prevents this loss of water, creating a coating that seals the hair and protects it from the dreaded consequences. Use the protector with the hair still wet before applying any modeler that emits heat.
  1. Hydration Oil: Hydration oil is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the hydration of the wires and it can be used in several ways. It is almost always applied as a finisher after the straightening or coloring process, returning the hydration and sealing the threads. Moisturizing oil can also be mixed into the mask to increase the power of the treatment or even before the ironing or dryer, in the case of essential oils (those containing silicone in the formula can melt and stick to the wires when used before styling the hair ). The use of oil can be daily, except for those who already have oily hair, they should use it at most once a week. However, even being released for your hair type do not overdo it. From 2 to 5 drops per day will already be more than enough for a good result. Apply on the length of the wires by gently massaging, always keeping a distance from the root of at least two fingers.


Periodic care


  1. Moisturizing Mask: By discoloring the hair, the scales of the threads open and lose vital properties that keep them looking beautiful and healthy. Keeping the hair hydrated is of paramount importance, no matter what the color of it, but when the hair is blonde care should be redoubled. Using a good moisturizing mask every once in a while will replenish lost proteins and amino acids, nourishing, moisturizing and rebuilding the wires. To achieve excellent hair moisturizing results at home, be aware of certain care that should be taken at this stage. First, choose the right mask for your hair type. To use it, apply to the hair after washing them with the shampoo already indicated for your case, spread evenly without massaging and then comb. Let it act for the recommended time (respect the interval of each mark!) And then rinse. Do not forget that the mask is not a conditioner and therefore should be used at most 1 to 2 times a week.
  1. Silver or Purple Shampoo: The hair shampoo, also known as silver or purple shampoo, is a great friend of blond hair. The process of discoloration occurs when the melanin of the hair is removed, leaving it gray or white. However, since keratin and ceramides, natural hair properties, are yellow in color, the yarns inevitably end up gaining that tone after a while. The purple shampoos serve as a toner that nullify the yellow of the strands leaving them with a shinier and more natural blond tone. Despite being an old acquaintance, it is always good to be careful when it is time to use. Watch for the right type for you. The shimmering shampoos that have a bluer shade are best suited for darker blonds. For lighter blondes the ideal choice are the violet color shampoos. Since the usage recommendation is also a maximum of 1 or 2 times a week, try combining the use with the moisturizing mask. After washing your hair normally with your daily shampoo, apply the purple and let it act for the time stipulated by the manufacturer, usually 5 minutes at the most. After rinsing apply the moisturizing mask following the step instructions.


Caring for discoloration

Perhaps the stage that most needs attention is that of discoloration, so it is important to understand when it is indispensable and what the contraindications are:

Drika Becher stresses once again the importance of knowing the health of hair before starting any chemical process. "In general, the main care with discoloration is the analysis of the history of the hair, or opt for opening tones with lighter tones of the colorations themselves. Well-cared hair will always be more likely to endure the discoloration procedure. Hair when it is discolored suffers a very large loss of amino acids, water and automatically fat, causing it to dry or, when a very large reaction occurs, break or fall. "

The discoloration occurs through the removal of melanin from the wire by means of oxidation, which opens the scales thereof and allows the bleach to penetrate and do its work. The darker the hair, the more layers of the thread it will have to penetrate, which means the need for a longer time for the product to act. Regardless of the color, the process is highly damaging to the hair, requiring a lot of before and after care.


Quick Manual of Discoloration: Valuable Tips

Discoloration is the chemical process that most punishes hair. By removing the pigment from the strands, it also takes away everything that leaves your hair beautiful, such as keratin, amino acids, fat, proteins and vitamins. The effect of dry and brittle hair that occurs after dyeing is a result of discoloration, so following some indications can be of paramount importance to keep your blond hair healthy and beautiful.

Remember to always begin by diagnosing the wires so as not to compromise your capillary structure. After knowing your goal, make sure that your hair is fit to withstand such treatment.

If your hair is very fragile, you may need to prepare it a few days before to receive the chemistry. Successive hydrations or even a cauterization of the threads may be the solution.

Keep in mind that discoloration wires falls well on all women, but not on all hair. If the wires are in bad health, no such procedure is indicated in any way.

The darker the original hair, the more aggressive the depigmentation process will be.

Lighter hair is not free from aggression caused by discoloration. In general, in order to achieve the demanded platinum blond one must be prepared to combat the harmful effects of the procedure.

The tip of Drika is to bet on treatment masks to moisturize or repair the wires and not give up a good silver shampoo to not yellow the hair. It indicates the silver shampoos of Keune or Schwarzkopf, because they have the most concentrated violet pigment.

It is possible to perform this step at home, but if you do not have much intimacy with the bleach it is best to seek help from a specialist. Thus, in addition to ensuring that everything is done in the safest way, it is easier to achieve the expected result and avoid feared travel accidents.

Cauterization and hydration are also treatment options after discoloration. The hair at this stage is very delicate and needs to replenish the nutrients it has lost. The weekly hydrates will be your big allies from here.

Avoid exposing discolored hair to the sun or other types of agents like pool salt and chlorine to not fade the color.


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