Among so many chemicals and products, hair becomes heavy and tend to become more oily than usual. The anti-residue shampoo provides a deep cleaning option of wires, as well as control the oiliness, removes debris shampoo, cream, mousse and leave-in that have not been well rinsed. Uncleaned as the background threads, this type of product should be applied 15 days intervals so that the locks do not be overly exposed to external aggression.

Deep cleansing shampoo opens the scales of the hair fiber

Even the list of favorites of many women, this effect of "deep cleaning" of the anti-waste can also go against some hair treatments made to last a few months. This product has a neutral pH, seven, above the hair which is rates of about 5.5. For be alkaline, it forces the opening of the scales of the hair fiber and during the wash cycle, removes excess within the cuticle of the wire.

The problem is that along with oil and debris that leave hydration is so powerful because hinder the penetration of assets, the anti-residue shampoo also expels other elements that unite the hair fiber to give new look to the hair. In addition to the progressive, which loses more rapid effect, the colorations are also affected and last less time, because the pigments are driven out of the wires.

Although accelerate retouching smoothing the deep cleansing shampoo does not make the hair from one hour to the other, because their effect occurs in conjunction with other elements such as a hot shower, which also opens the cuticles wire. For those who do not want to risk losing the progressive with the anti-residue shampoo, the hair expert for L'Oréal Paris and hair of celebrities, Marcos Proença, says that you can get a good effect with another type of product, "an alternative it is to replace the anti-waste by a shampoo anti oil, because it is softer. Still, limit its use to once a week, "taught professional.

This shampoo anti oils have similar characteristics to the anti-resíduo.Ele is slightly moisturizing and hair limparetirando residues. Instead of acting on the fiber, this shampoo is more superficial and removes oiliness without opening the scale of the wire; allowing more frequent use.

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