Do I always have to change my shampoos and conditioners?

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1) To begin with, it is necessary to mention that there are several scientific proofs that using the
same products with high frequency over time actually improves their effectiveness the results

2) Another important factor to consider is the amount of waste left by other products,
especially styling products such as gels, ointments and sprays, which can critically affect the
look and feel of the hair and are not related to the effect of shampoo and conditioner . When
used too often, they ask for a deeper cleaning of the threads, increasing the number of washes
or doubling the use of the shampoo with each wash.

3) Periods of hormonal changes such as adolescence, pregnancy and menopause can alter the
structure of the wires and thus the need for hydration and care of your hair. In these times, it is
best to seek the advice of dermatologists or doctors to understand whether you need to add
some step to your routine (such as a mask or ampoule) or whether you need to change the
benefit of the products you are accustomed to use.

4) The passage of time also influences the structure of hair that, like hairs, becomes thinner and
fragile with age. With this, there may be a need for treatments to strengthen or protect hair,
but this does not imply that your Shampoo and Conditioner have to be changed if your formula
is already of superior care.

5) Lastly, if you live in places with drastic changes in weather, you can try different version of
your favorite products, focusing on Restoration of severe heat damage and intense hydration in
the cold.
This is one of the strongest beliefs about hair care products. If you have ever felt that your
favorite shampoo and conditioner will not have the same effect, get ready to find out what
really happens and what the reasons are.
However, the most important thing is to ensure that you are using high quality products and
advanced technology. With this, you accumulate results over time, making a complete
treatment. If this is your case, the most you will need will be to add a step to your hair routine
or adjust the collection used to a new benefit while keeping the main active ingredients to
continue with the desired effect.


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