Botox smoothes brush without formaldehyde true! And the hair Botox is a more effective treatment that cauterization.

A survey conducted by a cosmetic brand with dermatologists found: 8 out of 10 women attending beauty clinics in Brazil make facial Botox. Given this success, the beauty industry has invented the capillary Botox, which treats damaged hair, and the brand new Botox brush. Both promise to make the hair that is rubbish in a luxury!

Brush smooths and treatment brightens and balance to the hair. Hair stylists Jô Nascimento (SP-Brazil) and Claudia Maria (RJ-Brazil) explain everything to you!
Treatment with Botox hair
Capillary Botox: treating time

Botox fills wrinkles wire

What is the hair Botox?
It is a powerful reconstructive hair fiber. It fills wrinkles wire.

It is suitable for which type of hair?
For any type of yarn, even for those with impaired structure and, in some cases, only solve the scissors.

What he does?
No contraindications, it acts only where the hair most needs repair. In general, the root is thicker than the ends, and the capillary Botox leaves both the same thickness. Thus, the technique eliminates the split ends, and the flyaway hair volume. The visual result is a hair smooth, silky, full of shine and swing.

You need maintenance?
Yes at least every three months. Retouching can be done only at the root.

How much?
Prices vary greatly and you can check them out here.

Botox is different facial hair!
Botox used by hairdressers is not the same as applies in the face. In the doctor's office, dermatologists work with botulinum toxin in wrinkles, "paralyzing" them. This prevents the skin to contract and form new wrinkles. And more: the facial Botox is expensive (it costs on average US $ 1,000 per application), it lasts up to four months and requires new applications.

If you want to start a Botox treatment, you can find products and help in here.

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