With lots of hair treatments that exists in the market, many people have difficulty in discerning which is the ideal for their hair type, and with this, end up harming it by the excesses of vitamins and other components in these products.

Hydration and Nutrition are treatments with different goals, and often used without knowledge by most people. Understand here the difference and find out which one is the best option for your hair type:



It is suitable for opaque and dry threads. Its main purpose is to retain water, providing the natural moisture of the hair, returning movement and flexibility to it. Normally, hair exposed to much chemistry needs the care of hydration.

We recommend: Panthenol, Glycerin, Keratin and Silicones.



Even the virgin hair of children needs nutrients. Nutrition is a very important replacement because all the wires are exposed daily to the sun, the wind, and in some cases, to the sea. Therefore, it is necessary, to restore the natural oiliness of the threads, lost with these day-to-day exposures.

We recommend: Argan or Moroccan oil and Vegetable butters, such as Cocoa and Karité.

Karité Butter

Check out all our products and choose which one your hair needs to shine here.

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