It is people, there are a few different types of keratin. All have the same function is to reconstruct, but each is indicated for the degree of damage suffered hair.

But their usefulness goes far beyond that. She can wrap the wires with a film making them resistant returning its elasticity. It also moisturizes, strengthens, restructures and gives shine to tresses. All good right?

But today I will speak only of the types of keratin, will not display products and brands




Liquid Keratin

I think this is the most known. It is very powerful and should be used when your hair is very damaged and brittle because it can avoid breaking this wire leaving it thicker.

Simply spray on the hair, without exaggeration. It can be used before and after chemical, especially if they are highly elastic. It can be used pure or blended with rebuilders creams potentiates them. Use according to indication of the product.

It can also be added in the mixture of discoloration, a third sprayed. They say it helps not to damage either the hair. A famous hairdresser taught.

Hydrolyzed Keratin.

With low molecular weight and be soluble in water does not weigh on the wire. It can easily penetrate the cuticle recovering faster that hair.

Perfect for instantly help the damaged hair. You will find that keratin in liquid, gel and some rebuilders products.

Keratin Plant.

Very similar to the natural keratin in our hair. It contains vegetable amino acids. It can be hydrolysed or hydrogenated, but as I said above the hydrolyzate has a greater power to penetrate the wire.

Keratin Hydrogenated.

Perhaps the most used in reconstructive products found in stores and pharmacy. You know those homemade cauterization? Most use this keratin.

It is less powerful than the other, only maintaining perfect hair weakened.

The reconstructive masks are perfect for maintenance and prevention of daily aggressions. But if the case is serious type when the hair looks like it will morrééé to play the pure and more potent Keratins.


Writen by Marcia Sales

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