know 4 tips to get the best of painted hair!

After painting your hair, it is very important to take some care to ensure the brightness and durability of the new color. Know what they are!

Using products for dyed yarn, relinquishing the oils of the moment and making use of anti-dry shampoo are some tricks that guarantee the brightness and the color of the newly colored hair. Below, experts tell you which habits should go into your care routine once the locks have been painted.


  1. Use specific hair products with tincture

It is fact: treated and well-nourished hair safe plus color. The specific items for those with wick chemistry are more potent than traditional ones. "The most important thing to prolong the health of the threads is to invest in hydration, which can be done weekly at home or intercalated at least once a month with a reconstruction procedure in the salon," says hairdresser Marcos Proença, from São Paulo . For blondes, it is worth using once a week products that promise to prevent the wicks from turning yellow. But be careful, then, in excess, they can make the hair bluish.

 know 4 tips to get the best of painted hair!

  1. Maintenance calls for oil

When it undergoes very aggressive chemical processes, the hair loses great part of its natural oiliness and, therefore, it looks resected and bristling. "In the care at home, it is necessary to recover this oiliness, fundamental for nutrients to reach the tips," says hairdresser Julio Crepaldi. Products with oil consistency are the best option. Use leave-ins or moisturizing finishers every day or opt for essential oil-based makeup masks once a week.


  1. Anti-residue shampoo can fix color

This type of product removes any trace of chlorine and other chemicals from the wires that may interfere with the color. It also has the power to soften the tone of the tinctures - especially the lighter ones - without altering it. It is thus well demanded in those cases where the blonde becomes greenish or the brown becomes darker than expected. Extra tip: As it opens the cuticle of the threads, it is advisable to use it before doing hydration. Thus, the assets penetrate better, potentiating the result.


  1. Postpone the next visit to the salon

"To prolong the tincture, wash the hair as little as possible, massaging only the root area. Prefer warm water to very hot and avoid dryer, flat and babyliss, which accelerate the fading of the tincture, "recipe Yuha. Has the root grown a little? Bid on products that work as a make-up for hair. There are versions in a pen or in packages with brush similar to that of mascara, which disguise small changes in color. The toner can also be a solution to disguise a different tone root or white wires (although it does not guarantee 100% coverage), delaying in a few weeks the return to the hairdresser.

Written by Fernanda Morelli

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