Postpartum hair loss

Hair loss after pregnancy is normal and affects almost all women who are breastfeeding, but also those who do not breastfeed, although they are somewhat less affected.

The loss hair can begin around 3 months after the baby's birth and is the result of the intense hormonal changes that mark this phase of a woman's life. Healthy eating, rich in vitamins and minerals helps decrease hair loss but there are some extra care that help maintain the health of the hair. Here's what you can do to get through this phase.

1. Eat in a varied and nutritious way
Increasing the daily intake of nutrients is the secret and therefore, the woman should have a healthy and balanced diet, constantly changing the menu. A good tip is to vary meals by increasing their nutritional content.

2. Use products for fragle hair
Using shampoo, condition and serum for hair loss, using good quality brands is a great choice. Vitamin A ampoules can also be used to keep hair beautiful and hydrated, however, vitamin A is most effective when it is consumed in the form of food.

3. Wash your hair a few times a week
Avoiding washing and brushing your hair more than 3 times a week helps prevent hair loss. In addition, the ideal is to always use a wide comb to comb the hair and undo knots.

4. Take medicine for hair loss
When hair loss is very strong and even leaves flaws in the middle of the hair, the dermatologist may indicate an iron supplement because common anemia during pregnancy and postpartum also causes hair loss.


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