Purple Products: Know all about this blonde trick
Purple hair products, such as shampoo, conditioner and mask, are famous for promising to take yellow out of blond hair. But while some blondes love purple products, others loathe and claim they don't work or have had bad experiences. So, let's tell you a little bit about how they work.

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How it works
Although these products have purple pigments that tend to nullify orange tones (purple is the opposite color of orange in the color scale, which means one "cancels" the other), shampoo and other purple hair products won't prevent your strands turn orange again, but yes, they can really help (all hair colors).
It's not just blondes who can use purple products. Brunettes can too! Anyone who does not want a very warm tone can use purple products to cool the color. So, do you think your caramel omelet is too hot? Add some purple conditioner. Is your brown a little reddish? Purple shampoo! You may not see as much difference as in blonde hair, but it helps.
Care the way you use!
If purple products do not bring you results or ruined your hair, it may be because you use them the wrong way, for example: use it every day or leave it in your hair for a long time. Sometimes people leave the product on their hair for an hour thinking that they will look very light blond, like ice blonde, but it will stain their hair an opaque color. Another mistake is to apply to dry hair. The wires must be damp to receive this product, otherwise the blonde will turn gray.

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