Tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer!

Hello dear ones, ready to start another year? It is coming the season of vacations, heat, sun, beach, swimming pool ... who does not like this phase very much are our hair that suffer with the aggressions. It is not easy to go through summer with always beautiful and hydrated hair. Beach, pool, sun and lots of wind leave hair brittle and dry - so you have to be especially careful with them. Excessive sweating can also cause problems for the scalp such as mycoses, dandruff and itching.

At this time you can wash your hair every day, but opt ​​for more natural, mild and sulfate-free shampoos.


The dangers of summer to the hair

  • UVA and UVB rays stimulate the loss of keratin, destroy and oxidize hair, which lose color and become dry. If exaggerated in the sun exposure can even burn the scalp and flake.
  • The wind is responsible for those bizarre nodes super hard to draw and that result in a wig with broken wires.
  • Salt opens the cuticle of the strands, leaving them hardened and dull. This is because it removes all the water present in the hair. The result is cruel: damaged hair with frizz and a super volume.
  • Sand in contact with salt and wind makes the locks get even more frizz.
  • Chlorine is a poison to blondes. In addition to leaving the hair greenish, it dries out and generates double ends.

 Tips to keep your hair healthy in the summer!

Wire Care Tips

  • Use a good leave-in. Applied after bath, it forms a film on the wire and helps in protection. Liquid products are for oily hair; the ones in cream are more suitable for those who have dry hair. Use away from the root. Before going to the beach or pool, apply a leave-in cream with sunscreen. Reapply after entering the water. If you do not have a leave-in with filter, opt for vegetable oils like: buriti oil, argan, sesame, pumpkin seed, or shea butter. Rice water also protects against the sun's rays and moisturizes well. Use these products on damp hair when the goal is sun protection.
  • As far as possible, always rinse the wires with normal water after a swim in the sea or pool. If you do not have a shower nearby, use a bottle of mineral water.
  • If you spend many days at the beach or enjoying the pool, use a non-waste shampoo once a week to thoroughly clean the chlorine and salt.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to more aggression with the hair dryer and flat iron (leave it to use on special days only!). When letting the hair dry to the natural, bet in finalizers that do not contain oil in the formula to give a more messed up air.
  • The sun's heat can potentiate the effect of a moisturizing mask. But remember that, even so, the reaction time indicated by the product must be respected to avoid negative effects, such as oily threads or even compromising the capillary structure. If you want to take advantage of the high temperatures in your treatment, apply the product on the threads, letting it act for the indicated time and then removing with water.
  • Enjoy the summer to take lots of cold baths. Hot water is the enemy of hair as it stimulates the excessive oiliness of the scalp and swells the scales of the hair, leaving them dull.
  • Wear a hat or cap so you do not burn the wires.
  • Avoid hair products that contain alcohol, which dry hair
  • For blond hair look for products that protect the color and pigmentation of the hair. One trick to soften the greenish is to apply apple cider vinegar on them.
  • In a spray bottle, mix cold water with a teaspoon of honey, and spray in the hair during the day, if you feel that the weather is very hot and your hair is dry.
  • Enjoy the evening treatments. Just apply the cream on damp hair and let it act through the dawn. It recovers part of the lipids that were lost on sunny morning.
  • To make a quick and efficient hydration bet on the ampoules.


Tips and hints for products to use on the beach or pool

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We hope you can get the best of your hair this summer! 

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Thanks for this post. I’ve always wanted fuller hair, not necessarily long hair and while going through menopause I’ve noticed my hair is thinning more. I probably am biotin deficient.
I heard about this product has anyone used?

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