Worse things you can do to your hair!


Sometimes it seems that the hair revolts against us. Is not it? We hydrate, we try to take care of it, but even then it seems to have a life of its own. The point is that hair is a delicate part of us and you may be having some bad habits and having no idea. We hope that with this list you can identify the mistakes you are making to have healthier and beautiful hair.

Hot water can harm your hair

1- Washing very often or with very hot water

This practice removes a good amount of the oils that are essential for the health of the yarns.

Never brush your hair with strong

2- Brushing the hair wrongly

Two fatal errors: brush the hair with them wet or brush from the scalp (the right thing is to start from the tips).

Never use towel to dry yarns

3- You use towel to dry the yarn

The texture of a regular bath towel irritates your cuticles, causing frizz. Therefore, a cotton shirt is the best option. Just squeeze the excess moisture carefully and wrap the hair in the T-shirt.

4- Use dirty hair brushes

Sometimes we forget to clean the brushes all the time, right? But when brushing the hair, several dead skin particles that are not perceived by the naked eye are attached to the brush. This dead skin is the perfect environment for the accumulation of different types of bacteria and do not clean can help them go to your scalp.

5- Stuck hair all day

If you have the habit of use stuck hair very hard and for a long time, it can damage the wires, leaving them damaged, because the root is literally pulled back.

6- You are not eating enough protein

Your hair is made up of protein, so make sure you are eating foods that have enough of it, such as fish, chicken, lime, and other grains.

7- You are doing a lot of hydration

These products usually have a lot of silicone. The problem is that the substance, when used in excess, tends to accumulate in the strands, resulting in heavy, lifeless hair, rather than a shiny and soft. It is best to make hydrations only when necessary or invest in products without silicone.


Written by Luiza Lima

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