Learn how to do a keratin-based shock treatment and recover the wires at home. You will have more shiny and silky hair.

Only good for hair in a state of calamity! If your hair is hydrated, it can get hard and even break!


Regain natural strength of hair

There are several ways to use liquid keratin. Choose the ideal one as you need it. The lighter reconstructions are for poorly damaged hair. Allow at least 15 days between applications. Learn to do:


Light Reconstruction

After passing the shampoo, apply the keratin wick by wick to two fingers of the root. No need to massage the wires. Leave for about 15 minutes, remove, pass conditioner and rinse.


 Average Reconstruction

Wash the hair with anti-dry shampoo and remove the moisture with the towel. Apply the keratin to two fingers of the root, wick by wick. Wait 15 minutes, remove, pass moisturizing mask and wait 20 minutes. Rinse and wipe down a conditioner tipper. Rinse again.


Shock treatment:

After washing hair with shampoo, apply moisturizing mask, wait for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. Put the keratin on the length and ends of the hair, and blow dry.



After washing with antiperspirant shampoo, apply the keratin to two fingers of the root. Brush thin wicks and then wipe the iron.


Choose the product to make the replacement at home


Her almost virgin hair again with keratin replacement

1 · Keratin Ampoule, Felps POWER UP


Use other products with keratin to strengthen the

1 · Smoothing Shampoo Cadiveu

2 · Smoothing shampoo Is My Love

3 · Smoothing shampoo Amazon by Felps

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