Tips to have a Kardashain's hair


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One of the most wanted hairs is, without a shadow of a doubt, Kim Kardashain. With her glossy black hair she calls attention both in the day to day and in the red carpets. Here are some tips for you that want to have the wires as full of life as hers.


1- Hydration

As always, this practice plays an important role in capillary health. But it is important to make this habit something regular. No moisturize only once a month, ok?


2- Controlled temperature

The hair straightener can ruin (much) the wires. Therefore, when using the product, control the temperature and use a thermal protector.

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3- Sleeping with silk pillow

Fabrics such as cotton and polyester rub the strands, making them often wake up opaque and frizzy. To keep the shine, silk pillows are a great request.


4- Protect and finalize the wires

with oils

Essential oils are great for sealing and brightening. Use them as an ally!

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5- Dry your hair with a cotton T-shirt

The towel, although much used and common, rubs against the hair and causes frizz and opacity. When you get out of the shower, it's better use that old cotton tank top you no longer wear.  Your Hollywood celebrity look will appreciate it!

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