Damaged hair: how to return health to the wires

If you think that to have healthy hair you only need to use good products, you are mistaken. Food is one of the main allies for having beautiful threads.

We have already given some hydration and nutrition tips, if you have not read it, click here to read. So, today we are going to talk about the importance of consuming some food so that the final result of the hair + food treatment is the best possible.

 Bananas to help hair hydration


The banana contains Biotin, a vitamin responsible for giving health and growth to the yarn. This food also helps in the growth and fortification of the nails.




Eggs contain nine essential amino acids to ensure strength for your hair.

 Salmon to help hair healthy

(Credits: www.ketogenicsupplementreviews.com)


The omega 3, present in salmon, not only helps maintain the luster and beauty of the wires, but also prevents double falls and tips.

Do not forget to combine feeding with good hair products, you can know our hair treatment line by clicking here.

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