Keratin treatments: learn the best way to take care of it


Are you one of those who will not let go of the straightened wires and, every three months at the most, run to the salon to finish the progressive brush? So, it is good to stay alert and take some care to maintain hydration and health of the hair. The procedure, dear to control the wires without having to go through the routine of iron, can cause some damages. Frequent chemistry removes water and nutrients from the hair - and has to be replaced. You may have noticed that, after some progressives, the root tends to get greasier, and the tips even drier. 

-The root has a natural oiliness that spreads to the rest of the hair. When the progressive seals the threads, this oiliness can not come down and is concentrated there. So, too, that the tips tend to get drier.



Specialists suggests that about two or three weeks before you do the progressive, you invest in a cauterization to recover and moisturize the wires.

- Cauterization is a deeper hydration that returns nutrients and water, which are removed by chemistry. So when you have been applying the product, your hair will be moisturized and the progressive brush will seal the yarn.


Choose the right shampoo

Specialists recommends using a shampoo that has acidic pH. It works like this: each part of the body has a PH, the wires usually vary between 4.2 and 5.8 - it is acid, according to a scale that goes from 0 to 14 (when it reaches 7, PH becomes neutral and, above that, alkaline).

- The shampoo with acidic pH will keep the cuticle of the hair closed, preventing it from losing moisture and dehydrate.

A hair stylist gives a tip: if you also have dyed yarn, the shampoo for this type of hair works for both cases.

Choose the right shampoo

Always hydrate

The hydration should be constant, mainly because of the tips, which get even drier than the length. Laine recommends that at least once a week you moisturize with collagen masks, vitamins and minerals.

- This will lessen the dryness of your hair and prevent it from getting hard, without balance and shine. Just wash normally, remove excess water and apply the mask over the entire length, letting act for five to 10 minutes.

Denise adds that in addition to the masks, you can bet on natural products like coconut oils and olive oil to moisturize. Pass before bath and leave to act for some time, then wash normally.

 Use thermos

Use thermos

Those who are progressive often know that as the effect goes on, the dryer becomes even more indispensable - and ends up being part of the routine. Laine Calixto warns of the importance of thermoprotectants. The hairstylist explains that the constant use of the dryer without any protection burns the wires, but that, together with the thermoactive ones, can bring benefits

- These products have nutrients that are activated with the heat of the dryer and are another way to hydrate the wires.

 finalize hair treatments


After drying the threads, finish with products like leave in or serum, which control the threads and still give way in the resected aspect.

- Bet on products with moisturizing substrates such as Arganöl, which is extremely moisturizing and lustrous, in addition to helping renew against chemical damage.

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