Keratin can bring lots of benefits to you hair and you beauty.

Keratin is a fibrous protein that constitutes various parts of the human body including the hair and nails. Formed by amino acids, about 90% of the yarn, is responsible for the integrity of the hair and therefore is used in many hair treatments in beauty salons. It works as a protection and fulfillment of faults caused by external processes or disfunction.

In the book "Dictionary of Care Products Ingredients with hair", author John Halal points out that "the amino acids of keratin can be produced from human hair and also wool, as well as horns and animal pens," which it means that different sources will produce different mixtures of amino acids.

Lack of this protein may be caused by excess chemicals, sun, flat iron, hair dryer and pollution. With the action of these "enemies", the surface of the hair scales to open, leaving the inner layer exposed, which results in loss of water, nutrients and keratin.

The daily aggression to the hair resulting brittle hair, dull and worrying elasticity. To restore them, the missing are not treatments for replacement of keratin, such as the sealing, Nanoqueratização and Hidroqueratização Photonics, but it is very important to consult a professional to know which is the right type of treatment for the lack of your hair .

Like any excess, keratin is also harmful. The tense wires, which can cause dryness, opacity, breakage and loss in the natural movement of the hair. Experts recommend using it with caution and be very careful when buying any product that promises to restore with this substance.

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