How to Make Hair Reconstruction at Home?

To have your really beautiful hair, it is important to invest in hydration and a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. But for a truly excellent result, it is sometimes necessary to make a slightly more elaborate treatment. Capillary reconstruction helps to eliminate once the drama of those who suffer with wired evil appearance care.

Not only chemical that serves as a factor to set off the wires. Sun and pollution are factors that greatly contribute to the appearance of split ends and dullness of the wires. Moreover, we can not forget of course, the dryer and flat iron.

Capillary reconstruction is an ideal treatment for dry hair, brittle, elastic, damaged and lifeless. The procedure can be done on all types of hair, especially chemically treated for. With capillary reconstruction, you can renew your hair, bringing them back to life and adding shine, strength, hydration and resistance wires.


What is Capillary Reconstruction?

It is a technique that is literally in the reconstruction of the hair, renewing the inner layers and creating a kind of sealing the wires cuticles. This causes them to be more protected from external damage, thus gaining luster, strength and endurance. This treatment acts from inside to outside, then it has high durability and efficiency.

How to Make the Hair Reconstruction

Reconstruction is usually done in beauty salon, but can also be made at home. It is recommended to once every 15 or 30 days depending on the hair condition.

The products used in the treatment are rich in keratin, proteins, amino acids, silicones and reconstructive agents. During the process, the wire cuticles are being closed, leaving the most aligned, silky and shiny hair.


How to Make the Capillary Reconstruction Home


1. Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Over time, the accumulated dirt in the hair can form a kind of barrier that prevents other products penetrate and act in tresses. So for hair reconstruction, the use of antirresíduo shampoo is essential: its assets are able to open the wire scale and clean, removing waste.

2. Keratin
When the hair is brittle, porous and elastic, it is certainly missing keratin. Without it, the wires are vulnerable, because the open surface scale, leaving the inner layer exposed, which results in loss of water, nutrients and more keratin. Keratin is what ensures strength, elasticity and resistance to fiber, it's like rebuild the wire. It waterproofs and protects the hair of certain attacks, such as contact with sea water, hot water, chlorine, straightening, coloring and excess strands.

3. Light bulb and mask Reconstructive
The ampoules contain reconstructive and keratin proteins profoundly restore, strengthen the internal structure of the yarn, recovers elasticity and restores the lost hair in chemical processes. The ampoules are more concentrated and more efficient if you do not have a reconstructive mask, use the ampule.

The composition of reconstructive masks are usually: proteins, amino acids and keratin. These masks moisturize, reconstruct and nourish deeply, restoring and recovering the vitality of the hair fiber. Check out the post about reconstructive masks.

Finisher help seal the hair. It protects the hair, repair tips, eliminates frizz and gives more shine also helps seal the moisture inside the wire.


The process may last between 40 minutes and 1 hour, varying according to the hair length.

Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo antirresíduo, or do a deep cleaning to leave the wires and scalp thoroughly clean and rinse well.
Step 2: Remove excess water with the help of a towel.
Step 3: Apply the keratin in the wires and leave it for 10 minutes or as directed on the label of the product you have chosen.
Step 4: Rinse the hair to completely remove the product of the wires. Again remove excess water with a towel.
Step 5: Apply the mixture of reconstructive mask, together with the ampoule. Pass the entire length of the hair. Put a cap and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse well.
Step 6: Finish with a silicone, or a leave-in with silicone.

Note: Of course, the result is not as spectacular as when you in salon, but making at home is an inexpensive treatment option and also very effective to improve wire texture. If you want to try, we got the best products for you with free shipping worldwide! Please try

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